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My background in filmmaking and interior architecture gave me a very different perspective on fashion design. When making a film or designing a house, I spend a lot of time thinking about how we live in and occupy a space, about fluidity of movement and the integrity of materials that are used. I believe that was a guiding principle when I launched Wardrobe by Karo Lifestyle in 2017.


My clothes refine and emphasise the silhouette and are foremost concerned with movement and grace and, like all good design, the clothes should complement and flatter the wearer, they shouldn’t steal the show – they should whisper not shout. Contrasting fabrics, asymmetric lines and minimum cutting are signature motifs in the outfits.


I’m trying to take Wardrobe by Karo Lifestyle away from the perpetual AW/SS cycle because I believe well made, beautifully designed clothes should be worn and be relevant for years not months. This is clearly important from an environmental perspective, but I’m trying to reach an audience that appreciates style over fashion, the permanent over the transient and the sustainable over the disposable. For this reason, where possible, all the fabrics are organic and any off cuts are used to make unique cushion covers!!


Whether it is a classic pair of trousers or a timeless dress that I have had for over 15 years, I want my clothes to have an enduring sense of style and longevity that makes the wearer feel special every time she puts one of my creations on.

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