"AW/SS is so last year – welcome to Wardrobe by Karo lifestyle – contemporary, stylish and sustainable clothing"

Wardrobe is a collection of pieces for any woman who is more interested in style over fashion, the permanent over the transient and the sustainable over the disposable. I want to break with the traditional AW/SS cycle by offering a collection that forms the basis of a contemporary wardrobe that works across a wide range of occasions – work, evening and weekend.


All items are designed and made in the UK, and are as eco-friendly as possible. I try and use as much organic fabric and non-synthetic thread as I can. To that end, the clothes are incredibly easy to look after, needing only a cold wash and no dry cleaning.


I will add new pieces to the collection throughout the year.

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Photography by Alistair Guy and Josefa Torres

Thank You to Tara Gelpie, Danielle Kavanagh and Anna Langham for modelling the clothes

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